Rigas Satiksme Board Members Claim They Managed to Reassure Creditors of Company's Stability

RIGA, March 12 (LETA) - Rigas Satisme municipal transport company's acting board have had a successful meeting with the company's creditors and the creditors are not demanding an early repayment of the loans granted to the company, Rigas Satiksme spokesman Viktors Zakis told LETA.

The spokesman said that the Rigas Satisme management informed the creditors about the company's draft budget for this year and other financial indicators. "The creditors heard the information on the work done so far, and for the time being they have no objections. We agreed that as soon as the board approves the recommendations plan worked out by ErnstYong, it will be sent to the creditors. The representatives also agreed to continue regular communication," said Zakis.

The transport company's creditors are several leading Latvian banks, the European Investment Bank, the Nordic...

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