Removal of ammonia cargo from Ventamonjaks terminal has begun

Published date20 May 2022
Publication titleLETA

RIGA, May 20 (LETA) - A liquefied ammonia cargo, which has to be removed from a sanctioned terminal at the Freeport of Ventspils, is being loaded into a ship, which will take it away from the port, LETA was told at the State Environmental Service.

The vessel arrived at the port on Thursday. Representatives of Ventamonjaks indicated that the loading of the ammonia cargo, which started last night, will soon be completed and the ship will leave the port this weekend.

The State Environmental Service said that it will take two tankers to remove the whole ammonia cargo from Ventspils. Once the first ship departs from the port, another one will be ready to start loading the remaining ammonia.

The State Environmental Service said that the situation is under control and the operation is not posing any safety risks related to the storage of liquefied ammonia. Once the ammonia cargo is taken away, the State Environmental Service will order the...

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