Police this morning stops people from laying flowers at Soviet army monument in Pardaugava

Published date11 May 2022

RIGA, May 11 (LETA) - The State Police this morning has stopped a couple of people from laying flowers by the Soviet army monument in Pardaugava.

On Wednesday night, the police spread information that access to the monument in Victory Park will be closed in order to prevent threats to public safety, human life, health and property, possible provocations and violations.

LETA observed that the square in front of the monument was still open before 9 a.m. today. A couple of people arrived to lay flowers, but the situation was corrected immediately, the State Police said.

"The State Police today draws the line - the attitude will be clear and plain in relation to violations that include praise of the Soviet regime, support to the war, etc. There will be no tolerance," the police said.

n internal probe has been launched in relation to police activities on May 10, when people were gathered by the monument, some of them demonstrating support to the aggressor - Russia. The reaction to inactivity of police officials will also be harsh, the police said.

s reported, despite public calls not to gather by the Soviet monument on May 9, several thousands of people, including representatives of the Russian embassy, arrived at the monument, laying flowers. The flow of people was steady, but the situation was calm.

On Tuesday, the flowers were removed from the monument with a tractor, causing harsh public reactions in social media.

People kept coming to the monument with flowers also throughout Tuesday. On Tuesday evening hundreds of people were gathered by the monument, some of them were loud, singing, playing songs, praising Russia and Soviet army, some were holding a Russian flag, but the police did not interfere. The crowd...

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