Latvian Ministry for Home Affairs v Former Russian Red Cross

CourtSenate (Latvia)
Docket NumberCase No. 314
Date28 April 1927
Senate of Latvia.
Case No. 314
Latvian Ministry for Home Affairs
Former Russian Red Cross Association.

International Red Gross — National Branches — Position of — Russian Red Cross.

The Facts.—The Latvian Ministry for Home Affairs, acting on behalf of the State of Latvia, asked to be recognised as proprietor and successor to the property of the former Russian Red Cross (apparently the defendant), there being no other successor to the said property. The Court of Justice having granted the request, the defendant appealed to the Senate.

Held by the Senate: That the decision of the Court of Justice should be affirmed. “Red Cross Associations are of public character and should be considered persons of public law. The Russian Red Cross constituted a person of public law of the Russian State of the Tsarist period, and it undoubtedly lost its legal basis after the Russian Empire had suffered dismemberment. The Russian Red Cross could only have conserved its legal basis if it could be proved that it became in due time an international institution, such as the Latvian Red Cross is, in view of its statutes of 1919 and 1927 and of the adherence1 of Latvia to the Geneva and Hague Conventions for...

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