Latvian Foreign Minister admits that this May 9 was more complicated than previous years

Published date11 May 2022

RIGA, May 11 (LETA) - May 9 this year was more complicated than previous years, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics (New Unity) pointed out on social media.

He notes that law enforcement officers tried to do their job in accordance with their basic task - to ensure public peace and public order, only the international, domestic political and emotional context is more complex.

In the opinion of the Minister, it was wrong to move the stands with photos of the victims of the Russian war against Ukraine on May 9. He emphasized that this could still be understood from a police point of view, but that this was not justifiable and acceptable from an emotional point of view. This provoked a justified wave of criticism. Rinkevics notes that "we don't have to hide the truth so that some could feel good."

In his post, Rinkevics emphasizes that the ''flower delivery service'' created a strange feeling. The Minister also drew attention to the delay of the police in stopping the illegal activities of the supporters of Russian aggression on the afternoon of May 10.

"No matter how emotional we are, we must openly analyze what has happened, prevent problems and understand that we are in a hybrid war and everyone must be mobilized," the minister said.

In his opinion, it is now important for the state to show readiness and determination to prevent any violations of the law, actions, pickets, demonstrations where Russian aggression could be justified, and the state must demonstrate the power of democracy and the rule of law.

lso, in the opinion of the Minister, access to the "Pardaugava pillar" must be blocked completely and permanently. Rinkevics emphasizes that "there is...

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