Hospitals warn of problems with covering their growing expenses

Published date26 July 2022
Publication titleLETA

RIGA, July 26 (LETA) - Due to unpredictable increases in the prices of energy resources, hospitals warn that they will inevitably run into problems with covering their rapidly growing expenses, public relations specialist Lelde Bokovska told LETA.

The Latvian Hospital Association says that the fast growing prices of energy resources can have a negative impact on hospitals' performance and patient care. Different measures are being planned in advance and an additional budget funds are being sought, but without knowing what the actual increase in the costs will be, this may be not enough.

The Hospital Association's board chairman Jevgenijs Kalejs emphasized that an influx of Covid-19 patients in hospitals was expected in the fall, while the next challenge hospitals will face will be covering their daily costs.

Speaking of possible solutions, Kalejs says that, given the current demand for healthcare services, one solution would be to significantly reduce all...

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