Demand for medical services grows during post-pandemic period - Ergo insurer

Published date23 May 2022
Publication titleLETA

RIGA, May 23 (LETA) - As Covid-19 incidence has been dropping, demand for everyday medical services, medical examinations, mental and physical rehabilitation, as well as serious and acute surgical treatment is growing, according to Ergo insurer.

Comparing the time before the pandemic - spring 2019 - with spring 2022, demand for paid out-patient services has increased.

Ergo life and health insurance department director in the Baltic states Gints Konrads explained that the growing demand for different health examinations, consultation and services prove that residents, most believably, had postponed their visits to the doctor during the pandemic. Also, they show consequences from the Covid-19 period when medical services were restricted.

lso, there has been an increase in demand for different surgeries. The number of proctological surgeries increased by 42 percent, the number...

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