After unauthorized assembly at Soviet memorial, officials must offer new solutions to prevent such situations from recurring - Judins

Published date11 May 2022

RIGA, May 11 (LETA) - After the unauthorized assembly at the monument to Soviet soldiers in Riga's Pardaugava last night, the relevant institutions and officials must offer new solutions to prevent such situations from recurring, deputy chairman of New Unity's Saeima group and chairman of Saeima Citizenship, Migration and Social Cohesion Committee, Andrejs Judins told LETA.

If someone demands Interior Minister Marija Golubeva's (Development/For) resignation, Saeima group of New Unity will not support the motion. "We have entrusted Development/For with this job, so let them do it," said Judins, stressing that there was no time for replacing the minister to start from scratch.

However, New Unity is planning to talk to relevant officials about what has been and will be done. Judins understands that the police were trying to keep the peace at the monument, avoiding any actions that could lead to escalation. "But this time it didn't work, because this approach created the impression that everything is allowed and people can do everything they want," he said.

People could be allowed to lay flowers at the site one by one and in a peaceful manner, but it was...

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