13.6% less oil products were exported from Latvia in first two months

Published date14 May 2022

RIGA, May 14 (LETA) - The amount of oil products exported from Latvia under the deferred excise duty regime in the first two months of the year was 12,367 tons or 13.6 percent less than in the two months of 2021, according to the excise goods circulation indicators compiled by the State Revenue Service (SRS).

In the first two months pf the year, merchants have shipped a total of 78,406 tons of oil products (fuel) from excise warehouses in Latvia, applying the payment of deferred excise duty. Most petroleum products - 67,006 tons - were shipped to other EU Member States.

22,113 tons of biodiesel were shipped to other countries in two months, which is 5,496 tons or 33.1 percent more than in the two...

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